The friendships and the collective experiences

Regardless of our individual personality and the place we occupy in the world, it is in interacting with others that we build ourselves as human beings. We are essentially social beings, we live in groups and in them we relate, make friends, create bonds, share experiences.

In Astrology, it is the 11th house in our Astrological Chart that tells us how we integrate ourselves into the collective. In it are awakened the impulses to participate and give back, plural thinking, the way we look at and care for others, and also the friendships that mark our lives.

Do you want to learn more about how you can make and keep friends and connect even more with your groups? Then get ready! Here you will find everything you need to know about the energies present in your 11th house, and how they can help you in your friendship relationships.

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First: what are astrological houses?

When we look at our astrological chart, we notice that the mandala is divided into twelve parts, resembling the design of a pizza. These parts, not always divided in the same size, are the Astrological Houses, which represent the various areas of experience in our lives, the scenario where we will write our stories and realize our potentials.

It is by calculating the birth chart, with the day, time, and place of birth, that a detailed interpretation of each individual’s Astrological Houses can be made. Each House, therefore, has a representation in our life.

The planets and signs present in these houses speak of the way we react to the various aspects of life, how we channel our energy, and the points we need to develop along our journey.

But it is worth remembering that even the so-called “empty houses”, which have no planets, receive the energy from the signs that, in turn, are ruled by a planet. Therefore, all Astrological Houses have energy and importance!

To learn more, watch this video: What are the ASTROLOGICAL HOUSES?

What does the 11th house represent?

The 11th house represents human values, collective actions, solidarity, and humanitarian interests. It also symbolizes the maintenance of a healthy social fabric, what we want for future generations, and the movements with which we can get involved in order to realize these desires.

It also deals with group identity. It refers to any association of people-institutions, NGOs, class associations-to whom we join, either to feel safe or to socialize with whom we have an affinity of thought. Because it is this place of belonging to the community, it is where we can find support and encouragement for our achievements.

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What does the 11th house teach us?

To think of the collective, of the community in which we live, of humanity as a whole, this is the great lesson of the 11th house. We need to leave our ego strength aside and actively take part in the task of building a better and fairer world for everyone. After all, regardless of our individuality, by nature we are social beings. It is where we awaken our impulse to contribute and belong to something bigger than ourselves.

In the 11th house, ruled by the sign of Aquarius, the planets Uranus and Saturn, and associated with the Air element, we learn to work with social objectives, welcoming and respecting differences, understanding that behind them there may exist something in common. From political militancy, through volunteer work, to coordinating a class in school, all are experiences associated to it.

Bearer of a libertarian and borderless social dimension, the 11th house offers us a gift: the opportunity to make friends. It is the most intimate and delicate part of such a vast and universal house, because the experience of friendship amplifies the power of the heart to love.

The freedom and detached attitude that we usually have with friends is hardly repeated in intimate and family relationships. With them, we tend to charge less, to share them with other people, to wish them to live far away from us just because it is better for them. Friends are the family of the heart that we choose to follow together on life’s journey.

The astrological positions of the 11th house indicate what attracts us to a friendship, and what our best resources are for building relationships of this nature. Let’s take a look at some of these characteristics?

Planets in the 11th House

Sun in the 11th house:

They are unique beings who value their space and freedom. Life revolves around encounters and friendships, and their personal development is directly linked to encounters, to contact with people.

Moon in the 11th house:

People who are sensitive to the needs of others and concerned with social welfare. They like to take care of others, to create bonds of friendship and good partnerships.

Mercury in the 11th house:

They find it easy to deal with differences and prefer to get involved in plural groups. They are attentive and curious about social issues, they like the movement of people and the buzz of conversations among them.

Venus in the 11th house:

One of the great talents of these individuals is to unite people and promote harmony when there is some kind of discord. They are easily involved with other people’s issues, seeking to provide well-being to those who lack affection.

Mars in the 11th house:

Committed to attending to the urgencies of others, they do whatever is in their power to encourage and motivate the people in their conviviality. Because they are very intense, they can sometimes be misunderstood.

Jupiter in the 11th house:

They are usually individuals who are very engaged in social causes, where they seek to develop their desire for justice. They find in their friendships a way to fight for common ideals.

Saturn in the 11th house:

They can be a bit too shy and strict with their friends (who are few), but they do whatever it takes to attend to people when they need help.

Uranus in the 11th house:

People capable of innovative attitudes toward common interests, they are very skilled at dealing with the emergencies of others. Because they are more open-minded, they transition well through many different groups.

Neptune in the 11th House:

These are individuals who like to devote themselves to their friendships, encourage others to believe in their dreams, and are able to help them realize them. They are truly involved in the problems faced by people.

Pluto in the 11th house:

They are sensitive to the suffering of others and have the gift of pointing out ways to overcome it. Living together in a group can be very challenging, since mistrust is one of the strong feelings of this position in the chart.

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Signs in the 11th House

Aries in the 11th house:

You are always on the lookout for new friends. Although not deeply involved, you get excited and enthusiastic about them and groups.

Taurus in the 11th House:

Loyal and affectionate with his friends, he can sometimes feel jealous or exhibit possessive behavior.

Gemini in the 11th House:

Intelligent, jovial and diverse friends. They easily win new friendships and desire mental stimulation in these groups.

Cancer in the 11th House:

Friends are your family. You want intimacy with them, to protect them and be protected. You have emotional attachment to groups and friendships.

Leo in the 11th House:

You cultivate powerful, influential and creative friendships. You are generous with them and keep them for a long time.

Virgo in the 11th House:

Makes friends at work and enjoys practical and useful friendships. You are detail-oriented and observe the details in these relationships.

Libra in the 11th House:

Friends are your companion, but you can create some dependence on them. You prefer refined and pleasant people who know how to relate harmoniously.

Scorpio in the 11th House:

Powerful, strong, domineering friends or groups. You develop an emotionally intense relationship with them and are transformed by friendships.

Sagittarius in the 11th House:

Famous, foreign and numerous friends. Optimistic, philosophical in his friendships. He does not want to be tied down by friends, he prefers them to be companions in adventures.

Capricorn in the 11th house:

Has few friends and these are handpicked. You look for secure, stable and mature friendships.

Aquarius in the 11th house:

Lots of friendships! You feel good in groups, although you are more individualistic.

Pisces in the 11th House:

You are compassionate and understanding with your friends. You sacrifice yourself for them, who can abuse your tolerance and cause disappointments.

The stripping of the soul and group ideals

The 11th house reflects our ideals when we get involved in a group, and also speaks of our ability to transform society. It is the area of life where we integrate our individual creativity into a larger whole.

Finally, opinion-makers are emphasized in this house. Their sensitivity captures the yearnings of the collective soul, recognizing in the faceless crowd the presence and strength of love. By touching the dreams of many, they are able to influence generations and generations.

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