The Other as a Mirror

When we are still small, the Ascendant already gives signs of the way we place ourselves in life. It is a driving energy through which we manifest ourselves in the world, and through which the energies of the ego are revealed.

It is about the way we project ourselves when we arrive in a place and are noticed, and consequently, the way we are perceived, the impression we give, and how we want to be seen. It also includes the way we dress and our physical constitution.

In this text we will talk about the Ascendant in the sign of Libra. This sign, as well as its symbol, the scale, is associated with opposing forces and has in the other a mirror of itself, where it is able to observe its own functioning.

Here you will have a clearer vision about what it means to have the Ascendant in Libra in the Birth Chart and in the Air element. What are the main points of the personality and its most essential characteristics. You will also learn about the importance of being aware of your Descendant so that your closest relationships are optimized.

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Ascendant in Libra

The art of the encounter

  • The house associated with the Ascendant is the 1st house, which deals with issues related to early childhood, pre-adolescence, the affirmation of the self, the way we interpret the world and start to trust ourselves.
  • The planet associated with the 1st house is Mars, which, with its masculine energy, has the power to drive our choices and decisions. He is a brave warrior, with whom we seek strength to move forward.
  • The sign associated with the Ascendant is Aries, opposite and complementary to Libra. This means that while Libra looks for diplomacy and runs away from conflicts, Aries has blood in its eyes to have its wishes and desires fulfilled.

Having the Ascendant in Libra is very connected with the art of the encounter. The person with this aspect, while still a child, has the gift of observation and empathy, and it is through this that he/she recognizes his/her own characteristics.

The other becomes a mirror of his soul, which does not mean that this individual is not unique or does not have his own individuality, it just means that he sees his individual and unique being more clearly through what he observes and experiences in his relationships.

For example, if the person with Ascendant in Libra has the Sun in the sign of Pisces, and in one of his encounters in life he meets someone who has great sensitivity, it is from this encounter that he will get in touch with the sensitivity that exists in him and will have a broader understanding of this characteristic.

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Ascendant in the element Air

Contemplation of the other

The sign of Libra belongs to the Air element, which in turn is the element of exchange, of the ability to think and reflect. Where we have this element we are curious, investigative, articulate, and fight for our freedom.

When through Libra, this element appears in the ease of relating and the insight to think before acting, analyzing the consequences of your actions. It comes as understanding, seeing the other and contemplating the other when faced with a situation, in order to ponder the conduct of the situation.

It is an element that gets along well making alliances, has an ease of giving in for the good of others, is stripped of selfishness and values the power of the encounter.

Characteristics: Ascendant in Libra

  • Diplomacy
  • Impartiality
  • Justice
  • Persuasion
  • Harmony
  • Reflection
  • Observation
  • Mediation
  • Indecision
  • Cooperation

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Personality of Ascendant in Libra

Diplomatic and indecisive

As already mentioned, it is in the other that the Libra Ascendant identifies what is in him. The feeling of well-being is intrinsically linked to the harmonious atmosphere he establishes with those around him.

You should be careful not to blame the other for the balance you usually seek. After all, even though, most of the time, the encounter is your source of self-knowledge, it is only in your own being that all the tools to achieve peace and tranquility are found.

He is a true diplomat, who acts in an impartial way, although his power of persuasion is directed by his desire for harmony, he is limited only by his sense of justice. He tends to have difficulty making up his mind about something, but his cooperative instinct helps him make decisions and choices that benefit all parties involved.

Ascendant and Descendant

In search of assertiveness

The energy that descended in the sky at the moment the sign of Libra ascended was that of its opposite and complementary sign Aries. The latter has as its main characteristics its attitude, courage, leadership power and individualism.

Therefore, what sparks the interest of those who have the Ascendant in Libra is the authenticity, the impulse to act, and the assertiveness in making decisions of those who cross their path to stay a longer time or make a more significant impact. These qualities help you feel more secure when in doubt about something.

This does not necessarily mean that his partnerships will make decisions for him, but they will provide the stimulus he needs, and for which he is grateful, to experience autonomy. And these will be the opportunities he will have to learn to decide for himself.

If, in order to live his uniqueness, he needs the other’s reference, it is in the other that he will learn that he needs to be free and independent. So it is with this little push that he will free himself from his own ties.

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Finally, this post has given you the opportunity to clear up possible doubts and clarify your understanding about what it means to have the Ascendant in Libra, in a sign of the Air element. You now know what are the characteristics of this aspect and the main traits of its personality, as well as the importance of knowing the Descendant so that closer relationships can be strengthened and enhanced.

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