Mobilizing powerful forces

The Ascendant is one of the points that give contour to the other points of the Astrological Chart. Each one of us has a very particular style of being, and it is through the Ascendant that we project this characteristic and unique way that helps us to imprint our mark in the world. The Ascendant reflects who we are and guarantees our individuality. It is a force that encourages us to take ownership of our authenticity.

Here we will discuss the Ascendant in the sign of Scorpio, a sign that belongs to the Water element and touches on deep issues that are considered taboo by many: life and death, finitude, sexuality, and the mobilization of powerful forces.

Read on and understand what it means to have Scorpio as Ascendant, and what it is like to have it positioned in the Water element. What are your most important characteristics and particularities of your personality, and how having knowledge of your opposite and complementary Descendant sign can benefit your most meaningful encounters.

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Ascendant in the sign of Scorpio

Diving into Yourself

  • The Ascendant is associated with the 1st house in Astrology, which is the house of creating who we are and how we see and distinguish ourselves in the world. This house reflects our self-care and our desire to feel good about being who we are.
  • The sign associated with the Ascendant is Aries, which brings the energy of courage to live our truth and the enthusiasm to be the protagonist of our story.
  • The planet associated with the Ascendant is Mars, a masculine energy full of virility and fearlessness. He is a warrior who came to win by using his strength and power to overcome.

The person born with the Ascendant in Scorpio tends to dive into himself, because it is through this contact with what is deepest in his soul that he establishes a relationship of recognition of who he is.

The surface of things is very vague and uninteresting to you, you need to go deeper in order to have revelations. Mystery catches your attention and quietly speculating about it is one of your favorite hobbies. By the way, among his super powers is to point out in others that which he cannot even see, the inexpressible.

He is not afraid of wounds, neither his own nor those of others. He understands that the action of poking them enables evolution and brings answers that facilitate self-knowledge. It is necessary to face difficult issues head on, to normalize them, so that they cease to be taboo.

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Ascendant in Water

Intuitive Perception

The Water Element brings an ocean of possibilities. Therefore, when coming through the sign of Scorpio, the first attitude to be taken is to dive into the depths of its waters in search of answers often to questions that have not yet been formulated.

There is a very intuitive and philosophical perception about daily life, situations, relationships and so on. A latent desire to know more than what is apparent. On the other hand, care must be taken not to become a sponge and get intoxicated by too much information, but to be a filter that carries with it only what is beneficial to it.

Having the Ascendant in Water is very connected to sensitivity and subjectivity. Both characteristics focus on the self, the perspective from which the world is seen and on which it impacts. Hence the need to be careful not to take what happens around you personally, to understand that it is not always about you.

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Characteristics: Ascendant in Scorpio

  • Intuition
  • Depth
  • Sensibility
  • Subjectivity
  • Mystery
  • Observation
  • Self-knowledge
  • Taboo

Personality of Ascendant in Scorpio

At the bottom of the well there is a spring

The person with Ascendant in Scorpio recognizes himself in others based on what they reflect in his soul. And although they may be considered by those who see them as closed, those who judge them as closed are mistaken, or they have not been able to decipher their look, or they have not been able to tune in to their vibe. After all, she expresses herself through the atmosphere that emanates from within.

She tends to identify with intense and dense situations, since she has been moved by the mysteries of life since childhood, through which she experiences powerful and, for some, frightening forces. Not because they are negative, but because they are denied by society. Such as, for example, the finitude of things, sex and sexuality.

It is worth saying that in the bottom of the well of those who have Ascendant in Scorpio there is, in fact, a spring that pushes them out as often as necessary, and from where they come out stronger than ever, with new projects and even a new look.

This is a charismatic individual with an enigmatic charm that attracts the attention of those who observe him. His seductive magnetism and his power of transformation are some of his trademarks.

Ascendant and Descendant

Depth and productivity

When we are born, at the same time that a sign ascends in the sky, its opposite and complementary sign descends. In other words, if Scorpio is ascending, the sign of Taurus is descending, which makes this the Descendant of Scorpio.

Having the Descendant in Taurus makes the person want to find stability in their relationships, through which they will probably learn to care for and value what is theirs. It will be in the encounter that she will learn about the gift of preservation.

Even though with Ascendant in Scorpio comes the awareness that nothing is forever, it will be people who are productive and who help you feel grounded that will provoke your interest. After all, recognizing the importance of preserving the present and everything that lives in it is an expression of love and gratitude for life and the cycles that form in it. Soon, your relationships tend to be long-lasting and it is in them that you experience constancy, that you learn to produce and organize.

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This post allowed you to broaden your knowledge about the particularities of having the Ascendant in Scorpio and in the Water element. You have had access to some of your main characteristics and personality traits, as well as the relevance of being aware of your Descendant as a way to allow yourself to live relationships that stimulate your personal development.

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