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In our Birth Chart, the Ascendant is one of the four pillars – together with the Sun, the Moon, and the Midheaven – that support our personality. It works as our business card, the way we project ourselves into the world, our characteristic and unique way of being, which individualizes us, making us unique beings.

In this post you will learn about what it means to have the Ascendant in the sign of Virgo, sign of the Earth element, which has among its main characteristics the gift of observation and appreciation for the organic movement of life, for the care with routine and its simplicity.

You will learn about the qualities of the Ascendant in Virgo, its personality, the particularities of having it in a sign of the Earth element, and about its Descendant, which in this case is Pisces, an opposite and complementary energy to that of Virgo, dreamy, intuitive, and very sensitive.

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Ascendant in Virgo

Critical Sense and Improvement

  • The 1st house is associated with the Ascendant, where we form our autonomy and give our cries of independence. It is in this house that we listen to our desires and find the courage to carry them out.
  • The sign of Aries is associated with the Ascendant, which has a heroic energy, fearless, that goes ahead bravely opening new possibilities.
  • Mars is the planet associated with the Ascendant, it speaks of power, of the energy that we extract from ourselves to survive in chaos and overcome moments of crisis.

Having the Ascendant in Virgo means that this individual, since childhood, begins to develop an observing and, consequently, critical look at life. He tends to be more quiet, precisely in order to thoroughly observe the reality around him.

His attention leads him to be someone with ease and agility in the learning process. His well-developed analytical capacity makes him a person who, when he expresses himself, always has something significant to add and that contributes to the better functioning of whatever it is.

He has a close and friendly relationship with routine, where he feels comfortable and where he can maintain a constant improvement of his tasks. You believe that repetition leads to perfection.

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Ascendant in the Earth Element

Methodology and practicality

The earth element deals with the materiality of things. Earth is usually a stable and safe territory. So those who have this element in the Ascendant look for firmness and security, and tend to be prudent, careful, and cautious.

He is a practical person, who likes to deal with facts, the abstract does not make much sense in his mind. He believes in what he can see and touch, reality for him is clear and objective, and being Virgo the energy in question, there is always a methodology to be created to optimize processes.

For those born with the Ascendant in the Earth element, the notion of time and space is very clear, which makes this person aware of how the order and functionality of things comes about. It also facilitates their vision of limits, of how far it is possible to go without this progress altering the fluidity of the whole.

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Characteristics of Ascendant in Virgo

  • Organization
  • Criticism
  • Pragmatism
  • Meticulousness
  • Perfectionism
  • Practicality
  • Simplicity
  • Analysis
  • Carefulness
  • Observation
  • Efficiency

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Personality of Ascendant in Virgo

Seeing is believing

The fact that the person with Ascendant in Virgo has an enhanced critical sense makes him/her analytical, perfectionist, and above all very demanding with him/herself. These personality traits lead him to develop a fierce self-criticism, which leads him to be frustrated when he makes a mistake, and anxious about always wanting to do the best possible as a way to avoid error.

However, this is someone who assumes her mistakes without fear, rolls up her sleeves and redoes whatever needs to be re-done, always trying to achieve a better result than the previous one. He must be attentive so that the self-criticism is constructive instead of destructive, investing in a more malleable and welcoming mental conversation with himself.

He is an individual who takes pleasure in investing in improvement, is usually skeptical, believes in proven facts, the famous see to believe. Even when this refers to his own capacity, he is only convinced that he is capable of something after he has verified his ability.

The imponderable is too vague to him, which leads him to deal with reality in an objective and palpable way. You are meticulous and careful when doing anything, and you are very helpful, dedicated when doing something for someone else, and you do it with enormous sensitivity. Taking the reins of what needs to be done makes you more self-assured.

Ascendant and Descendant

Believing to see

While Virgo ascends in the sky at birth, its opposite and complementary Pisces descends. This leads the Ascendant in Virgo to seek, in their partnerships, people who are calmer, quieter, more sensitive, and deeper, who have the gift of listening to what is unspoken. It is through meeting these characteristics that he will experience subjectivity.

He likes those who dream big, because this leads him to believe in believing in order to see, or, as Raul Seixas said “a dream that is dreamt alone is just a dream that is dreamt alone. But the dream that is dreamt together is reality”.

Their meetings are marked by this atmosphere of the unspeakable, of spirituality, and of the deepening of the relationship. On the physical side, you have to stick to the quality of your routine, food, sleep, to keep your energy up.

Finally, we believe that this post brought you clear and objective information about what it means to have the Ascendant in Virgo, belonging to the Earth element. You could understand your characteristics, personality, and how knowing your Descendant collaborates in building relationships that benefit the development of the parties involved.

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