The importance of the astrological houses

To discover your astrological houses it is necessary to make a Birth Chart, which is the portrait of the sky at the exact moment you were born. For this calculation, which can be made on websites or directly with an astrologer, it is essential to have the exact information about place and time of birth. If this data is wrong, the whole chart can be compromised, especially the analysis of the houses.

At a first moment it may seem confusing to understand the combination of astrological houses, signs, planets, and how each one acts and relates to the other. To make it easier, let’s imagine that the planets are the bodies that emanate energy, the signs represent the way this energy flows, and the astrological house is the place where all this manifests itself. It is in the house that the individual acquires knowledge about his own life and puts into practice the forces represented by the signs.

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Understanding how the houses act

It is also common to find astrological houses without any planet. This does not mean something bad or that that area of life will not be satisfactory. In these cases, the house must be analyzed according to the energy of the sign closest to its starting line, also called cusp.

We can establish the difference between signs and houses as energy and realization, respectively. Let’s imagine a person who has a pragmatic sign like Virgo, of the Earth element, in an astrological house that speaks of work. She will probably be organized, disciplined, and rational when producing her work and planning her professional life.

Now let’s use another example: a person who has Mars in the eighth house. Mars is the planet associated with strength and courage, while the eighth house tells us about our capacity for transformation. Therefore, someone born under this aspect probably feels very motivated whenever there is a new challenge in his life. It is the initiating energy of Mars associated with the aspect of transformation represented by the 8th house