curso de astrologia grátis

During Astrology Week, Cláudia Lisboa will teach you the first 3 steps of the Journey of Alterknowledge. Based on the interpretation of your birth chart and the birth charts of loved ones, you will learn how the Light and Shadow Method can help you to know yourself and your partner in order to improve your relationships.

There will be 3 classes 100% free and online.

CLASS 1 – Light and Shadow Method
CLASS 2 – The Four Elements
CLASS 3 – Sun, Moon and Ascendant – Reason, Emotion and Style


  • Understand the powers and challenges of each person through the secret of the Light and Shadow Method.
  • Know and balance the forces of the four elements in the Astrological Chart: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
  • Know how to interpret the Sun Sign, Ascendant and Moon based on the Light and Shadow Method.

During the Astrology Week you can be part of an exclusive community on Facebook to discuss the content of the Week, make comments, ask questions with our team and better yet: start practicing otherness, interacting with people who are there with the same interests as you. There is also an Exclusive Group in Whatsapp to receive content and access information for the Astrology Week first hand, and you can’t stay out of it.

Take this opportunity to get to know yourself better by signing up for the next Astrology Week.