What will you learn in this Workshop?

A journey guided by Julie Marie, astrologer of the Light and Shadow Movement, with content and practical experiences to know what really nourishes you in life, what brings you joy, contentment, acceptance and increases your personal power.

There will be 3 classes 100% free and online.

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CLASS 1 – The Moon Goddess

To remember all that nurtures you, that is familiar and intimate to you, that connects you with your feminine ancestry. On this day we will be with the closest feminine point in all of heaven and welcome our emotional sphere without criticism, judgment, or pressure.

CLASS 2 – Goddess Lilith

This is the day to push your limits, to know how far you can and can’t go, especially when facing emotional exchanges in relationships. With the first woman in history you will visit your wild power, the force that moves you always head high, proud to be who you are.

CLASS 3 – Goddess Venus

The alchemical goddess that integrates feminine knowledge and teaches about what gives you pleasure in life. It is the star that indicates our way of loving, demands and deliveries, the forces that help us understand the other, the energies that make us seductive to the eyes of those around us. On this day let’s honor the love of self that allows us to love anyone.

Discover all the strength of your feminine with Astrology. Come to the next Goddesses in the Sky Workshop with Julie Marie that will take place on January 24th, 26th and 28th.

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About Julie Marie

She has been studying Astrology and the Sacred Feminine for over ten years. She is a graduate of the Claudia Lisboa School of Astrology with the Light and Shadow method.

She is a mother, works as an astrologer, and promotes practices of self-knowledge aimed at rescuing the feminine wisdom and strength in our lives. Her work culminated in the development of the Alchemy of Goddesses Method, uniting astrological knowledge with the rituals of the Sacred Feminine.

Want to attend the next Free Workshop Goddesses in Heaven?