An invitation to self-evaluation and maturity

For Astrology, the approach of the age of 30 represents an important milestone in the process of individual growth. This is when the first Saturn Return happens.

It is the moment when we become aware of our limitations and assume our responsibilities. A call to maturity.

Saturn is the last planet visible with the naked eye. It therefore symbolizes the possible limits and the recognition of our reality. Saturn’s nature is one of discipline, responsibility, observation, and organization. It deals with experience gained through effort and work, also messing with our structures. It tells us about resilience and restrictions. It is the experience acquired with dedication and work, leading to our path of improvement.

Saturn’s characteristics manifest themselves according to its position in the chart, determining the way we organize ourselves, deal with reality, and relate to limits. And if you have gone through this cycle or will go through it, get ready! Here, you will learn more about what this planet represents in your life and how these cycles influence our journey.

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Astrology and the cycles

Astrology is based on the study of the planetary cycles and the influences they exert on our lives. These cycles are individualized, and it is by the analysis of the birth chart that we know the points of greatest activation of these energies.

We all have all the signs in our birth charts, and the planetary cycles indicate important stages in our evolution.

Each star has its own time to go around the zodiac: for example, the Earth takes 365 days; the Moon, about 4 weeks; Jupiter, 12 years.

Some specific cycles are more striking than others, either because of their intensity or because of the characteristics of the transiting planet itself. The Return of Saturn is one of them, and when it happens it brings with it many disturbances and significant changes for those who are living this moment.

What is the Return of Saturn?

In Greek mythology, Saturn is designated by the name Chronos, the God of Time. This analogy relates directly to your story: the all-consuming time that consumes every passing year.

Experiencing the cycles of return, we realize the passage of time, how we have built our history, and what we still have to do in this existence. The experiences seem harder, but at the same time we are more prepared to deal with the constraints and frustrations generated by confronting reality.

The Return of Saturn does not represent a break or suffering, but rather a cycle of renewal, a call to maturity.

It is a time to understand our responsibilities in front of life, to overcome limits, to build solid foundations to ensure the possible fulfillment. Saturn affirms our desires and our choices, bringing the opportunity to find satisfaction in the experience of overcoming, where we gain confidence in our potential.

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When does Saturn’s Return happen?

The Return of Saturn happens when the planet returns to the exact point where it was at the time of our birth. This movement takes about 29 years to happen, and according to our life expectancy, we can experience up to 3 complete saturnine cycles.

First return between 29 and 30 years
Second return between 58 and 60 years
Third return between 88 and 90 years
For Astrology, the first return is considered the most important, because it is in this period that we really start adult life. We become more aware of our responsibilities and set out on a journey in search of our true purpose.

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The message from Saturn

Even if you feel (or have felt) some turbulence, the Saturn Return always brings renewal, the beginning of a new life.

It is a period when you must be patient, use the time in your favor. Work on your self-knowledge and commit to yourself, for the realization of your purpose.

Its message is: persist while respecting limits and accepting reality. The position in the birth chart indicates what helps us to accept mistakes and find the most adequate means to solve them.

Saturn exists in our charts so that we choose what is relevant and discard what is unnecessary.

Saturn organizes, structures, matures, and builds what will last.

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