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The astrological mandala, better known as the astrological chart, is divided into twelve signs, forming a 360-degree zodiacal wheel, and twelve astrological houses, established according to the place and time of birth of each person. They never change their position, and each one is delimited by a sign of the zodiac. But what does this represent?

Well, the Astrological Houses represent experiences, a set of themes that form the areas of our lives. They are our great journey on the path of living, and serve as a laboratory for each experience, which will be lived according to the sign and planets that are located in it. The presence of the signs and of one or more planets in the houses gives them meaning.

In this text, you will understand better what the 3rd house represents, characteristics of the planets and signs in this area, and what this part of the chart teaches us.

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3rd House in Astrology
The 3rd house is associated with the sign of Gemini, Air element, ruled by Mercury, symbolizing the means of communication, learning, exchanges between people, and other experiences that mark the beginning of the process of socialization of the individual.

In the 3rd house the power of listening and of transformation of the point of view is developed, with the expansion of the world perception. For this reason, this sector of the chart is associated with the experience of living in fraternal relationships and with schoolmates, because in these places the child learns to wait his or her turn to speak, to share, to interact, and to negotiate.

The signs, planets, and aspects related to the 3rd house point to the way a person has lived his or her first experiences in this sense, and in what way he or she learns to accept -or not- the differences among themselves, people, and the world around them.

Other associations of this House are related to the power of negotiation and circulation. Each person has their own way of communicating, and so they learn to negotiate their interests. Those who have an emphasis in this position of the chart are always moving, traveling and moving around.

It is in the 3rd house that the individual learns to communicate, is stimulated by curiosity to learn and know new things, leaves his individual universe to meet people and the world around him, and develops intellectually.

To know how communication and learning flow best, it is paramount the analysis and study of everything that involves the sector of house 3 in the Chart, being an excellent tool for the guidance of parents as to the best type of school and teaching for their children, according to their Chart, for example.

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The Planets in the 3rd House:

Sun in the 3rd House:

With the Sun in the 3rd House, life revolves around the need to communicate and exchange, whether with close friendships or with siblings, uncles, and cousins. This is because the Sun in the house of communications gives the person the perception that they know more about themselves from these exchanges, and from what they gain of knowledge.

Intellectual and creative activity drives life. The greater the access to knowledge, the greater the self-confidence.

The ideal is to always keep active, seeking new knowledge and productive conversations with people in your social environment. Social experiences and geographical displacement are reasons for happiness and give vitality. The basis of your life is dialogue and thirst for knowledge.

Moon in the 3rd house:

The Moon in the 3rd House brings even more movement to the House that speaks of exchanges, learning, and our ability to be sociable beings. This implies that those born with this position are people who do not stand still, and are always looking for new things in life, because this keeps them emotionally nourished.

Close bonds are created with the people and places you meet in each of the changes you make in life, because of the ease of adaptation.

The Moon in the 3rd house makes the affective memory be related to siblings, cousins, uncles, and childhood friendships.

Letting out and expressing what you are feeling, what is happening internally, in the field of your emotions, provides emotional well-being, and consequently, an improvement in your studies and work performance.

Mercury in the 3rd House:

Mercury in the 3rd House brings an intensification of curiosity and the need to communicate, since it is the natural ruler of this House.

Those born with this position in the chart feel a great need to expand their way of communicating and relating socially with people.

They have a restless and curious mind, with the ability to pay attention to several things simultaneously.

Venus in the 3rd house

Having Venus in the 3rd House means having an enormous ability to relate. They are those popular people, who know someone in every place they go. It is easy to please people, and to bridge the communication gap between them.

Love is experienced in different ways, because they usually bring new experiences into the relationship. They like to talk about the relationship and are attracted to people who are knowledgeable about different kinds of subjects and interested in sharing them.

The desire to get to know new cultures, the interest in studies and new knowledge goes through the affective sphere, through what attracts them. Learning is directly linked to pleasure; it is like nutrition for your self-esteem. Communication is the key that facilitates affective life and relationships.

Mars in the 3rd house

Mars in the 3rd House is frank and direct when saying what you think. When you keep your thoughts to yourself, the result can be a big explosion with words.

Self-affirmation is connected with intellectual performance, and you need to feel challenged in order to have motivation and concentration in your studies.

The challenge here is to learn to contain this force and use it creatively in your ideas, pushing people around you to act with courage, but respecting each one’s time for action.

Jupiter in the 3rd House:

Jupiter in the 3rd House produces a meaning-amplifying experience in a universe where, apparently, there may be only intellectual superficiality.

The tendency for those who have this position in their chart is to delve into various types of studies and courses on a path that resonates with what they believe in.

Growth comes through information, study, and passing on your knowledge to the world with confidence.
In this position there is ease of adaptation and communication.

Saturn in the 3rd house

Those born with Saturn in the 3rd House need to transform any information into a solid and practical experience. This is because he organizes knowledge in order to make it useful.

Communication happens after an idea matures, because it is necessary to have commitment and responsibility for what is talked about. In this case, it may take a while to express an opinion, but when it is expressed, it leaves no doubt about what the person who expressed it thinks.

Socializing happens after getting to know those around you better, you need to trust in order to establish committed relationships.

Uranus in the 3rd house:

Uranus in the 3rd House makes learning and knowledge a liberating experience. The person has his or her own way of reasoning and learning, and the reasoning is not very logical to an outsider. There is also curiosity to learn and to meet unusual people and things. Diversity attracts her.

Through cultural and intellectual experiences, those with this position in the Chart develop freedom of thought and opinions.

Neptune in the 3rd House:

Neptune in the 3rd House promotes a curious encounter, since it is a planet associated with sensitivity and fantasy, things are captured in the “air”. Silence and looking are ways to communicate when Neptune is in the 3rd house. Words have a playful tone, and it is good to exercise the gift of writing and storytelling.

In studies, there is interest in subjects that involve mystery and stimulate fantasy. Those born with this position in the Chart have the gift of empathy and welcome different points of view.

Pluto in the 3rd house:

The transformative power of the word. Pluto in this House is able to give subtitles to what seems unmentionable, uncovering that which is hidden.

There is an interest in deep conversations, in which those involved come out transformed. It can even happen that the person resists these conversations and becomes quieter, but deep down he knows how regenerating it is.

With this position in the Chart, you must be careful, because it is not always that people are prepared to hear certain things, and this power in speech, works like a surgeon, who touches the wound to help it heal. You have to be gentle when you speak. Life is always going through changes. They are what give life movement.

North Node in the 3rd house:

Moon Node in the 3rd House indicates that possible traumas arising from disappointments, from having believed too much in a dogma or some master throughout your life, and also from academic vanity, must be resolved.

The path of personal development, with the North Node in the 3rd house, is in learning to be more flexible, to be open to new opinions and conversations with people who may have something new and interesting to present.

Wheel of Fortune in the 3rd House:

For those with the Wheel of Fortune in this position, communication, learning, the ability to socialize, move and express yourself in the world are key to making life flow better in times when difficulties present themselves.

Bringing your voice to the world and being open to different opinions as a way to better understand yourself and understand more about how the world works makes life go more smoothly.

Chiron in the 3rd House:

With Chiron in the 3rd House, there is a wound related to the ability to communicate and socialize. Not being able to make yourself understood can be a big challenge, and it is good that this is worked on and addressed from childhood.

Nurturing a desire for knowledge and a variety of information are ways to care for this wound.

Lilith in the 3rd house:

It is common to have repression of curiosity, one’s own capacity for learning, intellectual resourcefulness, and the power of communication. So, what needs to be worked on by those born with Lilith in the 3rd house is the freedom of expression and even the freedom to move around in the places and means they want.

Reasons for separation are the lack of dialogue, discussions where the person does not feel heard, and the lack of a social life. Sexuality happens with lightness and a lot of exchange, there is a need to listen and to be heard about your desires. The attraction is for people who are communicative and relaxed, and who also express their sensuality in this way.

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The signs in the 3rd house:

Aries in the 3rd House:

Because Aries is a sign with energy of initiative, those born with this sign at the tip of the 3rd house do not hesitate to speak their mind, and are eager to learn about subjects in which they have a particular interest.

You need to develop the listening and patience to deal with opposing opinions, without taking it personally.

Taurus in the 3rd house:

Practical and objective communication. Those born with the sign of Taurus in this house need to materialize what they have been taught and see how this knowledge works in practice.

In general, they take longer to learn and assimilate. Their opinions are more solid and it takes time to change your mind on a certain subject.

Gemini in the 3rd house:

Gemini is the sign associated with the 3rd house, so those born with this position in the Chart have a logical and quick mind to understand and communicate.

They are interested in all kinds of subjects and are always curious to learn and exchange ideas with other people. They are usually popular wherever they go.

Cancer in the 3rd house:

The subjects of interest need to touch emotionally those who have the sign of Cancer in the 3rd house. They are people who put their feelings and emotions into the way they communicate in the world.

They usually have affective memories linked to their past at school, and with their brothers, uncles, and cousins. They remember their elementary school teacher and build bonds with them as if they were family.

Leo in the 3rd house:

Those born with the sign of Leo in the 3rd house will want to be the master of words! They like to get people’s attention when they speak, and influence them in some way with their ideas. In order not to make an impression, when they are interested in a subject, they seek to become the best on it, to achieve a place of prominence.

Virgo in the 3rd House:

With the sign of Virgo in this house, their sense of self-criticism is high! They take very seriously what they say and what they know about a certain subject, always trying to correct what they know about it in order to avoid mistakes.
Their reasoning and communication are extremely rational, agile and objective. They are attached to details.

Libra in the 3rd House:

The sign of Libra in the 3rd House is premised on the premise that dialogue is diplomacy. They respect and take into consideration the opinion of others. Dialogue and words are charged with beauty and harmony.

Scorpio in the 3rd house:

They use word, knowledge and dialogue as tools of transformation. People with the sign of Scorpio in the 3rd house are able to investigate what is going on in the minds of those they talk to, and help them as if they were their therapists. Here, silence is also a way to get answers.

Sagittarius in the 3rd House:

With Sagittarius at the top of the 3rd House, there is a great willingness to learn and to teach. The person feels that there is a growth, a personal expansion when learning, circulating through different environments, listening to new ideas, but also if he/she is the one who teaches and leads on this learning path.

Capricorn in the 3rd house:

For those born with the sign of Capricorn in the 3rd house, the language, the way of communicating, and the interests are more practical and determined for day-to-day issues. It is necessary that the interest in question is linked to something that will help you achieve your professional ambitions. There is seriousness and commitment to your word.

Aquarius in the 3rd house:

The interests and way of communicating of those who have House 3 in the sign of Aquarius are extremely logical, fast and out of the ordinary! Learning is fast and you tend to be impatient to explain and deal with other people’s time.

Pisces in the 3rd house:

Traveling, imaginative and sensitive mind. When the sign of Pisces is in the 3rd house of the chart, the reasoning and the way of communicating and learning are intuitive, and for outsiders it can be difficult to understand, due to the lack of objectivity and clarity. They capture things by the atmosphere of the environment, and here silence is also a way to communicate.

Now you already know that the experience of the beginning of the communication process, of socialization, of the importance of learning to share, to listen and to take into consideration opinions different from our own, and also what motivates us and instigates our curiosity to become more informed about a universe beyond our own are the experiences that concern the 3rd house.

Finally, by analyzing this astrological house we can identify how we behave and deal with this area of life, and it also facilitates the understanding and perception of how the people around us are, promoting a better relationship with them and the understanding of how they learn and reason!

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