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This year the Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 21st at 2:22 AM. Whenever the Sun starts to illuminate the energy of one sign, this transit reverberates in all the others. Therefore, it is nice to know how to make the best use of this passage, so that it is as effective as possible in your life, regardless of your sun sign.

To speak of Gemini is to speak of versatility and mutability. This is the sign of movement, exchange, and communication. The invitation is to face life with more lightness, seeing its multiplicity of options and, also, to adapt to circumstances that are not conventional.

Here you will read about the characteristics and aspects of Gemini and its opposite and complementary Sagittarius. You will understand better how Gemini is in love and at work, and how this energy influences all the other signs of the zodiac.

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Gemini Sign: Aspects

Gemini is the sign of brotherhood. It symbolizes the power of communication, reasoning, and the exchange of experiences. You are a great curious person, who is moved by the desire to know everything and everyone. By the way, movement is his fuel to live, for him everything is changeable and transitory. It is an energy that perceives the relevance of communication as a form of approach and knowledge.

  • Its planet is Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun and the fastest. It is light and restless, like Gemini, always ready to redirect, to move, and to change its mind.
  • Its element is Air, of exchange, of the ability to think and reflect about everything, a generator of ideas that values freedom.
  • The associated house is the 3rd house, where social interaction, learning, small trips, and transformation, whenever necessary, take place.

The Sun in the sign of Gemini
A little bit of everything

Gemini people are not fans of repetition. For them, more is synonymous with better. They really want to know everything to make their exchange with the world even more powerful and meaningful.

In Aries we exist as individual beings. In Taurus we survive by making use of materiality. In Gemini we realize that we will never be able to live or produce alone; this is where the exchanges happen. It is the sum through the exchange of our abilities.

Communication is one of the Gemini superpowers. It is through it that we express ourselves, that dialogues and arguments are formed, that it is possible to listen and be heard. It is through it that we introduce and receive new information. Even the media are also associated with this sign.

The same can be said about dynamism, the Gemini knows a little bit about everything. They like to move through different universes and experience them. A life without movement is a reflection of boredom for the native of this sign.

He is always bouncing around the breadth of the surface. Honing his interest in its vastness, he feels no need to dive into a topic, what seduces him is the hustle and bustle, the mobility and the metamorphosis.

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Qualities of the sign of Gemini

  • Adaptation
  • Flexibility
  • Curiosity
  • Communication
  • Lightness
  • Movement
  • Exchange
  • Information
  • Agility

Opposites and complements: Gemini and Sagittarius
Focus on small goals

It is necessary to start from the principle that both the shadow and the light are projected from within us. It is only within ourselves that we can find both forces. The one that is already in the light is, logically, evident. The one in the shadow needs a little more dedication and effort to be illuminated.

In the case of Gemini, its opposite and complementary force is the Sagittarian. By bringing it into the light, he can benefit from the Sagittarian focus, learning to trace goal and path, thus avoiding dissipating his energy in an unproportional way.

However, unlike Sagittarius who deals well with long-term goals, the right thing for the Gemini is to set short-term goals, so that these small victories keep his motivation high.

The Geminian focus can be compared to a shower head, which distributes water through several channels. What he can absorb from the Sagittarius energy is to find parallels and points of contact that allow the diverse interests to flow in the same direction, so that they complement each other and do not randomly disperse from each other.

Gemini in love
Dialog and movement

Being a sign of air, an element that has exchange as a key movement, Gemini values relationships, encounters, and dialogue. The latter in such a way that it is impossible to have a relationship with someone of this sign without investing in good conversations.

The Gemini tends to have different opinions about the same thing. One day he sees it from one point of view and expresses it clearly and objectively, the next day the point of view has changed, as well as his idea about the subject. Those who relate lovingly to this energy must understand that this variation is not personal, but genuine.

This universe of possibilities provided by the Gemini native gives those who are with him the opportunity to experience different versions of themselves. This is incredible and can become a tool for self-knowledge.

When in a relationship, it is recommended that the Gemini people, instead of looking at the partnership thinking that they could have this or that, visualize this multiplicity of desires as a way of constantly renewing themselves, making the relationship more eclectic and dynamic. With such a large network of contacts, whatever he doesn’t find in his love relationship can be found in other social contexts.

Now, here’s the tip: to date a Gemini you need to be adept at movement, because this energy quica does not walk. However, claim your space, so the relationship will build on a solid and comfortable foundation for all parties.

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Gemini at Work
Interaction and proactivity

The Gemini work environment is based on communication. They are great at relating to people, so activities that require interaction and socializing are recommended. They like to establish associations and even negotiate.

Their workplace should instigate reasoning and provide movement, both physical and of ideas, and be surrounded by cooperation and interdependence among people and teams. Dialogues are always encouraged by him, as well as action and proactivity.

There is in the Gemini a great intellectual potential when it comes to elaborating their activities, in both theoretical and practical fields. They are usually good salespeople, journalists, communicators in general, and even lawyers.

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The influence of Gemini on the signs


The already proactive and restless energy of Aries can be enhanced by that of Gemini. The Aries is spontaneous, the Gemini witty, which can favor productive conversations and unusual situations.


This sign that is always looking for stability and appreciates the comfort zone, may feel stimulated by the Gemini energy to move more. Perhaps a trip. Maybe an outdoor activity. Or even feel more sociable and inclined to increase its network of friends.


Although these are different energies, Cancer, which is more connected to family and the coziness of home, can benefit from Gemini energy to unleash a plan or project, or even to access people it hasn’t contacted in a long time.


This sign will definitely feel the energy of the Sun in Gemini reflected in his social life, which will be more agitated during this period. At work he can also feel even more communicative and with more magnetic energy.


Especially professionally this can be a good time for Virgoans, who are bound to present themselves at work in a lighter and more open way. This gives access to new ventures and possibilities.


Both belong to the element of air, which strengthens some characteristics and encourages others. This period can provoke in the Librian a desire to do more independent programs, seek knowledge and be in cultural spaces.


Although they have practically opposite characteristics, Scorpio can benefit from Gemini’s energy by exercising a lighter point of view in front of life, keeping more superficial conversations and allowing himself to see that there is in the shallow a range of possibilities to be explored and apprehended.


The already hectic life of Sagittarius, will be even busier. An excellent time to take advantage of this high energy and get down to work. Social life can also provide meaningful experiences.


This sign, which is always more work-oriented, can increase its social life by making use of the lightness and sociability of Gemini. The moment is favorable for movement, and if you are not happy with the current professional placement, it is worth investing in the search for other options.


This sign that loves to get involved in projects and social causes, will be affected by the Gemini movement. A good time to start new projects, communicate more easily, and why not, open yourself to love.


Feeling all the Gemini energy of movement and exchange, the Piscean may feel the urge to isolate more. You can, however, develop creative projects, dedicate yourself more to communication within the family environment and with the people closest to you.

After so much information, maybe you need a moment to process everything that has been put here: the aspects of Gemini, what it means to have the king star in this sign, its qualities, its opposite and complementary Sagittarius, what Gemini is like in love and at work, and finally its influence on all the other signs of the zodiac.

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