We love because we are alive. And the loving encounter is an invitation for growth. Love changes us because it has a part of us that is only recognized through the other. It is up to us to find a good story for this adventure.

The encounter between two people willing to love is a unique and very special moment, and it is certainly planned by the universe, and if this is experienced with awareness, of oneself and of the other, the answer is a powerful, fluid, and fertile encounter.

Astrology can also help hearts in love to make better use of opportunities to love and be loved by someone. When we meet someone in order to have a relationship, we soon become interested in knowing their sign in order to better understand their way of dealing with and living love, and also what are the chances of a match for this couple.

It is true that the astrological chart allows us to discover many things about the individual’s universe, and the analysis of the signs’ behavior in love could be no different.

Besides the analysis of the Sun Sign, it is also necessary to understand the signs that are located in the points of the areas of the chart that deal with this sector, such as the 5th and 7th houses, and also in which signs the Moon, Venus and Lilith are, as we will see below.

After this reading you will understand the combinations of the signs in love, what they seek in a relationship, their ways of expressing their feelings, and will also be able to better understand the particular universe of your beloved, so that you can have a more harmonious relationship.

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Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The fiery intensity

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the component signs of the Fire element. Between them they keep the similarity of the thirst for conquest, of experiencing pleasure, of diving headlong into and experiencing all the possible emotions within the relationship.

They rarely settle down in a relationship, and to feel good they need to have their independence guaranteed! The relationship can have a competitive bias that you have to be careful with.

Aries In Love

They need to have their freedom and autonomy respected within the relationship. They are frank with their feelings and dive head first when they are in love. They are impulsive and full of initiative people, who cannot settle down in a relationship. They also master the art of winning and are usually attracted to people who are similar to their way of relating.


Leo In Love

They become even more illuminated when in love, emanating great joy. They are highly open to passion and live this experience in a vibrant and warm way. Because they are vain, they like to feel in control of situations, and it could be no different in a love relationship. Having their values and talents recognized by the other person makes them feel more secure and satisfied in the relationship.


Sagittarius in Love

They live love as a way of personal and spiritual expansion, of gaining consciousness and expanding the world around them. Travelers that they are, they immerse themselves in the relationship by taking their beloved’s hand for distant journeys, be they geographical or otherwise. Both grow in the relationship, becoming masters and teachers to each other. One must have a common goal, but also have freedom within the journey so that these goals can be achieved.


Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Feet on the ground

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are signs of the Earth element, and carry in their energy the need for the objective experimentation of things. In love, it is necessary to experiment, to daily build the relationship and reach a safe and comfortable ground to surrender. Rationality is present. It is necessary to be careful with accommodation, such is the need for stability.

Taurus in Love

You are very affectionate and value comfort, stability, and well-being within the relationship. Love is expressed in tangible demonstrations, like a dinner for two. They are not fond of emotional games and need the relationship to develop calmly, patiently, and persistently so that they can give themselves away.


Virgo In Love

They live love in the smallest details, taking daily care to develop and improve their relationship. Creativity and simplicity are present in their daily routine. They like a certain predictability, due to their more pragmatic tendencies and the need for security in the relationship.


Capricorn in Love

Love is experienced with maturity, seriousness, and the possibility of growth together. You need guarantees within a relationship, so you take the steps and work tirelessly so that it can be built on solid foundations. Responsibility, seriousness, practicality, and rationality are fundamental in love.


Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Freedom and cooperation

For the signs of the Air element, love is built on the quality of the exchanges within the relationship and on the perspective of learning more and more about oneself through the understanding of the other and their knowledge. Love is experienced in freedom, ideas, reflections, and alliances. Beware of excessive rationalization in an area where emotions predominate and resistance to new ideas.

Gemini In Love

They have dialogue as the basis for the existence of a relationship. Curious, they are attracted to different kinds of people and relationships. They like to experiment. They live love lightly and need to be free to express themselves within the relationship, and are good at mediating conflicts.


Libra In Love

They live love with consideration, in the search for harmony and balance within the relationship. They understand that in the relationship it is necessary to take into consideration the world and the desires of the other. Here the attention is not to annul yourself before the other. To balance the scales: the self, the other, us. Remember the opposite sign, Aries (I). In their relationship with their beloved, they discover and understand more and more about themselves.

The self and the other;

Aquarius In Love

Love is brotherhood, friendship, and a channel for the expression of freedom. There is relationship only where there is friendship and your freedom is guaranteed. Unpredictable, they like relationships with lots of novelty and the possibility to learn from those who are different from them. They are not the most sentimental, but they are loyal and present in each other’s lives.


Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

The ocean of emotions:

Love is experienced in its subjectivity, through what the person feels from the lived experience. Emotions are so deep that they become difficult to translate. Signs of the Water element, at first it is difficult to penetrate the particular universe of these people, and only with great intimacy does the relationship happen. However, when entering this universe, love is experienced with a lot of surrender, care, romance, sensitivity, and capacity for transformation. Here, the care is that the involvement with subjectivity is not so big that it becomes a toxic relationship.

Cancer in Love

Intimacy as a prerequisite for affective surrender. There is a need to feel familiar with your beloved so that you can reveal your world and your feelings to him/her. Having this, they are very sensitive and welcoming to what is happening with the other person and the relationship. They care and protect like no other.


Scorpio in Love

They are people who are strongly affected by encounters and who, when in love, go very deep into love. They live this experience as an opportunity for personal transformation, but they also transform the person they love.


Pisces In Love

To love is to be able to dream together. It is romantic love, in which fantasy is present and sensitivity is even greater. They are able to understand what their beloved feels even in silence. Being able to have a respected moment alone is fundamental. They are attracted to spiritual and mystical experiences shared by two people.


How I express my emotions – Moon

The Moon in Astrology represents our emotional sphere. How we express, feel, and are affected by emotions, and thus develop affectivity.

What I am looking for in relationships – Venus

Venus in the Birth Chart helps us understand what attracts us, what makes us attractive, how we handle relationships, and how we want to experience them.

Repressed Desires and Separations – Lilith

The position of Lilith in the Birth Chart points out where we tend to feel repressed, the unconscious desires that we usually repress for fear of taboos. It also points out what leads us to breakups in a relationship.

The areas of love experience:

The Astrological Chart is divided into sectors and each of them represents a certain area of life. These sectors are what we call Astrological Houses, and depending on the sign and planets located in each one of them, we can understand how we function and live in these sectors.

In this sense, it is essential to analyze the 5th and 7th houses when the subject is love.

5th House

Associated with matters of the heart, in the 5th house we seek to live life with pleasure, at its maximum potential, just as we do when we are in love. Everything becomes brighter, more vibrant, and has a special value. The energy of the sign located in this House will dictate how a person lives the passions in his life, and what makes him fall in love.

7th House

The 7th house is the sector of the horoscope that deals with relationships, the types of people we are attracted to, and what we are looking for in order to create bonds and lasting relationships, and what our tendencies and behaviors are within relationships. In this area we make choices, as we plan to share life.

Now that you know how each sign deals with love and what are the essential points to analyze in order to understand how each one behaves in love, you can start to get a better idea of how you live this sublime area of life.

Match the signs to find out the compatibility of the couple and check out tips for your relationship to thrive and be increasingly light!

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