A deep dive in this passionate knowledge that will transform your life in every way.

Welcome to the Cláudia Lisboa School of Astrology’s Complete Training in Astrology designed and structured based on the Light and Shadow Method.

The Complete Astrology Training is composed by three Programs:

  • Astrology Online Program;
  • Transits, Progressions and Directions Program;
  • Synastry and Solar Revolution Program.

A complete course that will give you access to the contents for the formation of an astrologer, which can be used professionally, for your self-knowledge, or as a complementary tool in your area of work.

This training will give you the autonomy and solid understanding to

  • Interpret natal charts, considering signs, planets, houses and aspects;
  • Analyze astrological forecasts through the techniques of Transits, Progressions and Directions;
  • Analyze Synastry between natal charts, understanding the powers and challenges between people in love relationships, family or professional;
  • Interpreting the Solar Revolutions, which highlights themes and tasks for a year based on the joint analysis of a birth chart and the annual chart.

The Training is for those who really have a commitment to themselves and to others, and want to invest a little effort and time to get Astrology closer and closer to their personal and even professional side.

All those who dedicate their love and attention to the programs will be able to apply each piece of knowledge in practice, transforming their lives, and the lives of others.

The way Cláudia teaches is very simple to understand. You will have contact with a dense content in a much lighter and easier way, and this training is also useful for those who don’t even know what an ascendant is, for example.

This Training in Astrology is totally designed for you:

  • Have always had a fascination for the knowledge of Astrology and never managed to dive as deeply as you would like and feel that the time is now.
  • You believe that Astrology is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and for relating to others.
  • You want to further deepen your studies and mastery of Astrology knowledge, based on the Light and Shadow Method, for your own use, for your astrological consultations or for using Astrology as a complementary tool to other therapeutic methods.

Think about building a plan B to do what you love or want to make a professional transition.
Have you ever imagined using Astrology to enhance your work with consultations for extra income, or perhaps working 100% of your time in this area.

The 3 Programs that make up the Complete Astrology Training:

Online Astrology Program with Claudia Lisboa

With the Astrology Online Program:

  • You will understand the twelve archetypes of the zodiac and how they express themselves in everything around you and how to direct your energy based on this.
  • You will understand in which areas of your life the energies of the signs manifest themselves and how, through the study of the astrological houses.
  • From the approach and knowledge of the planets, and the planets in the signs, you will understand your main motivation for building yourself, your personality.

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Transits, Progressions and Directions Program

From the Transits, Progressions and Directions Program, you:

  • Better understand how certain experiences were lived in the past and analyze what that experience produced;
  • Live better with opportunities and deal more naturally with challenges by studying the present moment with your natal chart;
  • Use Astrology to help you make choices based on a better understanding of the present.

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Synastry and Solar Revolution Program

And, complementing all the training, the Synastry and Solar Revolution Program that will help you

  • Understand where the powers and challenges are in a relationship;
  • Understand how the people involved in the interpretation, with the Sinastry technique, interact and influence each other;
  • Use Astrology to understand what to expect in emotional, professional, and partnership relationships in general (friends, children, parents, siblings).

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Your teacher Cláudia Lisboa

Astrologist and Astrology teacher with more than 40 years of experience between consultations, classes, and much more: she has already been script writer and presenter of the program “No Astral”, from GNT channel, and currently writes for the newspaper O Globo, in a daily horoscope column.

She served a 2-year term as Vice-President of CNA – Central Nacional de Astrologia, and is also the author of the books “Os astros sempre nos acompanham: um manual de Astrologia contemporânea”, “A luz e a sombra dos 12 sinais”, and “Astros e previsões: Como uma bússola, os movimentos do céu nos orientam na jornada pessoal”.

His journey did not begin at this point. Back in her architecture college days, Claudia was asked her sign, and she answered right off the bat: “Pisces.” “What about the Ascendant?” She had no idea what that meant.

It was this conversation that led her to the encounter that changed everything: she met Emma Costet de Mascheville, her Master, an incredible woman who revolutionized not only her life but also the astrological thought in Brazil. It was with her that Cláudia graduated as an astrologer in the class of 1979, together with some of the greatest astrologers in the country.

A deep and passionate journey for those who want to know Astrology more deeply and take all this knowledge with them to transform their lives.

At the end of the entire Complete Training, you will have the elements to use this astrological knowledge professionally, with a broad field of action as an Astrologer, or to unite all this knowledge with other techniques in your area of work, as a differentiated work tool.

The content of this training is recognized by the National Center of Astrology (CNA) and can be counted toward fulfilling the requirements for the exam and registration as an Astrological professional.

Student Testimonials:

“This course encouraged me to make a transition in my career, because I was an engineer and now I’ve become an Astrologer, I started studying very magically and this gave me a freedom to be who I am, that before I didn’t give myself, so this was super amazing.” – Mariana Moralles – Mexico City

“Today I work and live only from Astrology…I had a gigantic change of life, because through the online consultations, I obtained a gain of time that my old job did not allow…Astrology brought me the possibility to have this freedom and work with what I really love”. Guilherme Schultz – São Paulo

Common Questions:

Are all 3 programs released to watch at the same time?

No. You must first complete the Astrology Online Program and then attend at the same time, if you wish, the Transits Progressions and Directions Program + the Synastry and Solar Revolutions Program.

Are all the programs online?

Yes, the classes are recorded and you can watch them whenever and wherever you want, as long as you have an internet signal.

How much time do I have to watch the programs?

You will have access to 10 years to watch all the recorded classes in your own time, if you enroll in the Complete Astrology Training.

Do you have face-to-face classes?

No, but you will have 2 support classes every week for two years with astrologers who are part of the Light and Shadow Astrology team, and 1 monthly doubt class with Cláudia Lisboa (all classes are remote).
After the Transits, Progressions and Directions Program + Synastry and Solar Revolution Program classes are released, you will have 1 support class for one year with an astrologer from the Luz e Sombra team.

How does the guarantee of the programs work?

You have up to 30 days from the date of purchase to decide if you want to continue with Claudia Lisboa, otherwise we will return your entire investment.

What is the procedure to get a certificate as an Astrology professional?

Although Astrology is not yet a regulated or supervised profession, the content of this Training is recognized by the National Astrology Center (CNA) for those who wish to take the exam and register as an Astrology professional.

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