Revolution and Cooperation

This point called Midheaven is, in Astrology, considered one of the pillars of personality. It is related to our maturing process as responsible, conscious and active beings within the society we live in.

To reach the top, we have to deal with life’s challenges, including the career we choose to invest in, which requires dedication and persistence from us. The information provided in the study of the Midheaven in the Astrological Chart enables us to meet our life mission.

Here we will discuss the Midheaven in the revolutionary, rebellious, cooperative, and supportive Aquarius.

  • It is worth mentioning that the sign associated with this point is Capricorn, which brings the energy of ambition, determination, and discipline.
  • The related planet is Saturn, which brings us fulfillment through the execution of tasks that we perform with will, interest, and determination.
  • The associated House is the 10th, which speaks of the yearning for self-fulfillment through our collaboration in public and social life, which is reflected externally.

In this text we will talk about what it means to have the Midheaven in the sign of Aquarius and its corresponding Air element. What are the characteristics of this configuration, and some of the peculiarities that it is nice to stick to when choosing a career that is in tune with our life purpose. You will also learn about the Sky Bottom of this position, its opposite and complementary Leo – courageous, generous and confident.

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Midheaven in Aquarius

Beyond Conventions

Those with the Midheaven in Aquarius are looking for freedom, renewal, and it is common for them to be interested in humanitarian and social causes. They are people who show solidarity and appreciate projects that aim at the collective.

They are true visionaries and are agile to the point of becoming impatient, because the time of the processes does not keep up with the speed of their ideas.

It is often a challenge to separate the personal from the collective. These are individuals who fit so well into the collective that they see it as a big body, a gear that only works if everyone works together. Because they have this broad vision, they find it difficult to deal with their individuality, often leading them to be seen as too cold and rational.

They are deeply paradoxical, they see friendships as connections to be cultivated, and they live very well with everything that is unconventional.

Midheaven in the Air element

Fluid union

The air element is the element of exchange, of movement, of the ability to think, of agile reasoning. It is a great generator of ideas, creative, spontaneous. It is easy to deal with what is different, curious, and appreciates the freedom to come and go.

To have the Midheaven in a sign of this element means to be enthusiastic about the new, with the renewal of what has become old, and with the creation over what was put aside. It means to move around in a relaxed way, to enjoy listening to different opinions, and to believe that everyone can contribute something, that fluidity comes from cooperation.

It is connected to the tuning of energies and the fact that we are all one, that together our horizons add up, multiply possibilities, and lead us beyond.

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  • Renewal
  • Revolution
  • Rebellion
  • Inventiveness
  • Cooperation
  • Integration
  • Solidarity
  • Innovation
  • Eccentricity
  • Sociability

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Career and Life Purpose

Freedom and Solidarity

Feeling free within one’s chosen profession is something to always consider. Freedom makes those born in this configuration open to create in a more authentic and truthful way.

They tend to go against common sense. Innovation is part of the Aquarian universe, as well as making choices without following what most people consider to be right. They are eccentric individuals, who enjoy activities that are out of the ordinary.

They enjoy dealing with people, and are always open to original ideas.

They can do well as inventors and creators. They are ahead of their time. They are also sympathetic and interested in projects that involve social welfare.

Their professional and personal fulfillment is intrinsically linked to the act of contributing, in some way, so that the world becomes a better place to live.

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Middle and Bottom of the Sky


Having the Fund in the Sky in your opposite and complementary Leo means having high self-esteem. You need the confidence that you are valued and recognized. Especially because there was, in childhood, a tendency to believe what was said about them, regardless of the content of what was expressed.

They were probably children who felt that they were the center of attention and that they were the joy of the environment in which they were raised. Hence the reason they developed significant self-esteem, which prepares them to live their Midheaven in Aquarius in a grand and benevolent way.

With this post it was possible to broaden your knowledge about having the Midheaven in Aquarius, as well as the Air element. You now know some of the characteristics of this astral position and the trends in career and life purpose. As well as the importance of the Sky Bottom to experience a Midheaven that leads you to professional and personal fulfillment.

If you still don’t know in which sign your Midheaven is, generate your mandala now for free.

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