Courage and generosity in evidence

On July 22, at 9:07 PM, the sign of Leo will be illuminated by the star-sun. But, after all, what is a sun sign? It is the sign that, at the moment of our birth, is being illuminated by the Sun. Therefore, it represents the energy that stimulates us to live in the most authentic way possible and connected to our essence.

Whenever the Sun is illuminating one sign, it influences all the others. In other words, Leo is also influencing your sun sign, whatever it is, and reflecting in the way you think and act.

Here, we will talk about the sign of Leo, that is, characteristics such as courage, joy, nobility, generosity, and others will be in evidence in the born under this aspect and will reflect on the other signs.

From this post you can expect to better understand what it means to have the Sun in Leo in the Birth Chart, about its opposite and complementary Aquarius, what Leo is like in Love and at work, and how the Leo energy will influence, throughout the month, the other zodiacal energies.

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Leo Sign: Aspects

  • Ruled by the Sun, which, although not a planet, is affectionately treated that way by astrology. It is the centralizer and organizer of order in the system and the reference that we are the center of our own universe.
  • It belongs to the Fire element, which represents the will to live joyfully and courageously. Explosive, and at the same time warm and welcoming.
  • The associated house is the 5th house, which represents where we tend to focus our creative potentials and develop self-expression. It is also associated with the creation of children, a work, and passions.

The sign of Leo carries within it the magnetism and self-confidence of the Sun, the joy of life of Fire, and the creativity and dedication to its passions of the 5th house. The Leo takes ownership of his existence, he did not come for a walk, he surrenders to the passions and to what appears on the way.

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The Sun in the sign of Leo

Authenticity in uniqueness

To be genuinely empowered, the great challenge for the Leo is to master the ego, avoiding to be devoured by it, and to make of it a creative tool that he will take with him wherever he goes, and that will help him to live his relationships playfully and generously.

The Leo has the desire for command and exercises it very well, just like his symbol, the king of the jungle. He is energetic, knows how to be firm without losing flexibility, and generous without losing authority. He gives his subordinates a place to speak, allowing everyone to express themselves authentically and to coexist harmoniously.

When strengthened in its uniqueness, Leo tends to be grateful for its existence, builds itself creatively, and understands that our power lies exactly in our uniqueness. That comparing ourselves to others does not put us on the stage of life, where he, in particular, feels at home.

He tends to give himself to what he does, he gives himself body and soul, but he needs to feel free and independent to move around, to express himself, and to invent and reinvent himself.

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Qualities of the Leo Sign

  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Strength
  • Determination
  • Creativity
  • Command
  • Self-confidence
  • Joy
  • Energy
  • Nobility
  • Generosity

Opposites and complements: Leo and Aquarius

In favor of the majority

While the Sun illuminates the sign of Leo, consequently the Earth casts a shadow on the opposite sign, making it its complement, which in this case is the sign of Aquarius – energy of integration, cooperation, and solidarity. In other words, the Aquarian characteristics are the ones that Leo should observe and illuminate in himself so that he can live in balance.

The Leo is usually self-centered, appreciative of independence and command, and likes to do and solve everything by himself. However, it is interesting to enlighten their opposite and join more to the collective. To see the power that exists in the union and how the possibilities of achievements increase. The tip is to share the stage, so that everyone shines together, each with his or her own peculiarity.

Just as, in many moments, it is necessary to renounce a particular interest, taking into consideration the good of a community. This is also a noble and generous act on behalf of the majority.

Leo in Love

Intense feeling

This is a sign that is associated with the heart, this organ that beats stronger at the slightest glimpse of the beloved, that pulsates, that speeds up, and that is not only a symbol of love, but also a vital organ. If it stops beating, there is no more life.

It is his heart that tells him when he is really in love, because it is something he feels. There’s not much way to explain it, it’s a lovely, loving connection. By the way, his magnetic attraction power is high, he likes the reciprocal and passionate look.

His element, Fire, makes his relationships warm and intense, where he tends to dive headfirst. His weak point is rejection, not that he will let it show. Never! But at the slightest sign of it, he already feels his self-esteem shaken.

If you are in a relationship with someone of this sign, you should applaud him and give him the emphasis that makes him feel good about himself, nothing exaggerated, but as a manifestation of affection, that you love him for who he is.

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Lion at Work

Command and Art

As already mentioned, Leo feels good when he exercises his power of command. Therefore positions where he can lead are very welcome, and he will make good use of his generosity and kindness.

His magnetic force, active voice, and cheerfulness will make him a leader to be admired and respected. As his well-being is very much connected with the contentment of those around him, he will always try to keep the atmosphere bright, pleasant, and cheerful.

It is an aspect that favors becoming company directors, team managers, and artists. Yes, since you have latent creativity, jobs in which you can develop this side of yourself can become great gifts, as a conductor, musician, and actor. These are some of the fields that should be observed and explored if there is an identification.

The influence of Leo’s energy on the signs


Both of the Fire element and with many characteristics in common, Aries will feel that their personal power will be strengthened, as well as their power of seduction. A fortunate moment for Aries.


Time to bring light into the life of Taurus natives. Your relationships in general will receive a special glow, as well as your way of being, which will be more persuasive and communicative.


Some of the already known qualities of Gemini, like the ease of communication, appreciation for meetings and exchanges, will be even more in evidence while the Sun is illuminating the sign of Leo. You will be more attractive than ever.


This is a time when practical and financial life will benefit from the Sun in Leo. Cancerians, who are already intense and sentimental beings, will tend to feel a little more possessive of those they love.


Leo precedes the sign of Virgo, a moment of self-reflection and even introspection. Watch out for self-criticism, remember to lighten up on some of the characteristics of your opposite and complementary Pisces and be more flexible and kind to yourself.


Good time to get some projects out of the drawer and start making them real. After all, for Librians, the phase is good for focus and inspiration. This will also reflect in your relationships, which will be surrounded by a cooperative energy.


Leo will heat up the Scorpian waters. An appropriate time to invest in dating, communication, and relationships, whether they are personal or work-related. Your efforts are about to be rewarded. Success and conquest in sight!


If it is novelty that the Sagittarian likes, this is it. The phase is favorable as far as professional and personal opportunities are concerned. You can start shaking off the dust, because the days of boredom are ending.


The Leo Sun comes to shake up the ever so focused and disciplined life of the Capricornian. You will feel energized to keep investing in your projects and you will still have energy left over for your social and love life, so don’t waste it.


And hasn’t Leo come to warm the heart of your opposite and complementary partner? Well, the time is right for Aquarians to invest in love, whether it is in established relationships, those that are being established, or those with the potential for it.


An auspicious phase for the Pisceans. Leo, with his kind and generous heart, gives more self-confidence to Pisces natives, who will have their personal energy up there. A good time to take care of the body, the mind, and the heart.

The end is here, and with it you now know much more about the aspects of Leo, its characteristics and qualities, as well as all that can be learned from its opposite and complementary sign Aquarius. You have also learned what Leo is like in love and at work, and how this energy influences all the others in the zodiac.

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